Feedback? Praise? Complaints? Offers of Wealth & Fame?

We may or may not respond to your emails... unless it is really compelling, we probably won't respond to you. It is just fair to let you know so that you are not anxiously awaiting a response. Guidelines for this:

  • Feedback? We welcome it. No one is perfect and we welcome constructive feedback.

  • Praise? Yes, please! We are shallow and crave adoration, so heap it on!

  • Complaints? Seriously?!?! Go do your own work and piss off!

  • Offers of Wealth & Fame? Oh yeah! We like wealth and fame, so sign us up!

Note - If you are a vendor that desperately wants to self-nominate to see your product on the awesomeness spreadsheets, do not bother since we do not take self-nominations and will just delete your email. 

We may or may not respond... just to let you know