CMMC Kill Chain [updated for CMMC v2.0]

The updated version of the CMMC Kill Chain introduces the theory of constraints as it applies to your Critical Resources & Acquisition Path (CRAP). Yes. The CMMC Kill Chain will help you figure out and manage your CRAP.

The premise of the CMMC Kill Chain is to build a viable project plan from the perspective of a prioritized listing of tasks in order to successfully prepare for and pass a CMMC assessment. This helps establish your CRAP, since errors or misguided adventures with people, processes and technology earlier in CMMC practice/process implementation activities will have cascading effects, so the CMMC Kill Chain is meant to provide a model for prioritizing CMMC-related pre-assessment activities. 


The concept is straightforward - if you apply a prioritized, phased approach towards CMMC-related pre-assessment activities, it is possible to avoid rework by addressing dependencies earlier in the process. The bottom line is this model breaks down CMMC into 24 major steps, which can then be translated into a project plan. The end result is a viable approach for anyone to use in order to create a prioritized project plan for CMMC pre-assessment activities. You're welcome!

CMMC Kill Chain.jpeg
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CMMC Kill Chain